Remote Dialer

A remote dialer is a type of software that allows call center agents to make and receive calls from remote locations. This type of dialer operates over the internet and enables agents to work from home, a satellite office, or any other location outside the call center.

  • On Cloud and In Premises both are available
  • Username and Password based login
  • Mapping to Agents Mobile Numbers Directly
  • Active / Inactive feature
  • Incoming and Outgoing Call Reports
  • Manual call Option available
  • Suitable for all dialers like predictive, progressive, preview, manual and inbound.
  • Allowing agents to access customer information
  • call history while on a call.

VAC Remote Dialer in Action: Realizing the Benefits of Remote Call Centres

  • Roaming or work-from-home agents
  • Minimal investment scenarios
  • Virtual phone numbers for privacy
  • Mobile access for convenience
  • Manual call initiation with office number
  • Offline call reception for mobility
  • Agent call routing for efficiency
  • Real-time remote monitoring for managers

Remote Dialer


VAC Remote Dialer

  • Eliminate hardware costs
  • Can be accessed via mobile
  • Access from anywhere
  • High level data security
  • Agents need not systems
  • Data entry from mobile itself
  • Caller ID hidden to agent and customers