IVR System

IVR Systems

Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR) uses pre-recorded voice prompts and menus to present information and options to callers. IVR allows users to retrieve information like order status, dispatch status, flight / bus schedules, bank balances, appointment stats, gas bookings, product details and more from any telephone. An IVR system is typically a separate server that contains Digital Signal Processing (DSP) hardware that analyzes and reproduces voice patterns. The IVR server interacts with a phone system through a dedicated connection. The way in which the IVR server is connected to the phone system depends on its capabilities and physical connections.

Welcome Message Multiple Language Messages Multi Level IVR
Personalized Greeting Message Dynamic Routing Custom hold on music
Block junk calls Different messages during and after office hours Missed and Received Call logs in real timec
Enable Voice Mail 24 x 7 accessability Real Time and History Reports
Number Choices ??
No – Its on your number

Product Features:

  • Greet Your Customers with a Clear and a Melodious Voice
  • Offer a Menu to Your Callers
  • Play Your Advertisement When the Caller is in Hold or Queue
  • Route Calls to the Callers'Desired team or Extension or Agent Based on their Input
  • Greet the Customer,Disconnect the Call and Call them Back
  • Greet the Customer and Divert it to Voice Mail During Holidays and After Office Hours
  • Provide Your Choice of Call Flow
  • Agent Wise Reporting
  • Call Analysis